Game Music Corner

Welcome to Front Towards Gamer’s video game music retrospective, Game Music Corner. Each article will feature some of the best that video game music has to offer, from the NES to the PlayStation 3 and everything in between with some of gaming’s greatest melodies.

This week marks the ten year anniversary of one of the GameCube’s craziest titles – F-Zero GX. The game was crushingly difficult, but had unrivaled visuals and a maddening soundtrack. While a new F-Zero game may be years away, let’s go nuts over the cheesy, batshit insane soundtrack.

Above: Better believe he knows the way!

Above: Imagine if Hotline Miami fused with KMFDM

Above: Gotta appreciate the remixed classics

Above: This would have been Dethklok circa 2000

Above: Another remix, this time even more colorful

Above: I’d want to be sent into space with this song