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The first truly challenging mission to go through as a “ghost”, the fourth mission in Splinter Cell Blacklist, Private Estate, is tricky as hell. The big issue is that there’s no way to go back once you blow past a checkpoint, you can’t go back if you accidentally get a “panther” kill in your mix without restarting the entire mission. So when the Qods Force shows up and tries to kill your source, there is a way to still take them out silently and get the “ghost” kill.

  • Magzflip

    When using the tri-rotor, after exiting the vents there’s a hole by the right wall just above the floor. Then you go over the bookshelf and don’t have to take ANY of the guards out.

    • http://fronttowardsgamer.com/ Shanghai Six

      Ah, did not know that, thank you very much!

      • Magzflip

        Forgot to thank you for the video! Don’t interpret me noticing the rotor thing as being a “pro ghost”, learned a lot from you :) And what an amazing game; can’t stop chasing those perfect scores!

        Weird that my first post didn’t stick to begin with; now there’s two of ’em :/

  • Magzflip

    you missed a lot of concealed passages when flying with the tri-rotor. no need to take out the guards.