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12th in the world. Yes, look at that, wouldja? This is two days after Splinter Cell Blacklist launched, so that means tens of thousands of people have had a go at London’s Abandoned Mill mission…man, that sure looks pretty. But all is not well! There’s a reason I got so good at the mission…

Full ghost mastery perfectionist walkthrough of Mission 5, London’s Abandoned Mill for Splinter Cell Blacklist, and I didn’t get credit? Whaaaaaaat? That’s right. I found a bonafide glitch in Blacklist: having completely perfected my run of the abandoned mill, having run it perfectly twice, I got the same results: no ghost mastery credit during the after action sequence.  TWICE. I spent almost a full day of gaming running it over and over again to make sure I did everything right, and still nada!

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll patch it eventually (they effin’ better with all the time and energy I’m putting into these guides, I want that gamerscore). Maybe you’re even reading this months later and it’s a distance memory. If so, here’s how you get through the mission perfectly!