pikmin, brown, green, black, orange, nintendoIt’s been nearly a full month since we reviewed Pikmin 3, but we’re definitely still thinking about it. The little guys are just too great at performing color-oriented tasks to let us forget about them. Even though no sequel has been announced at this time, we can’t help but think about what another Pikmin game could offer…and more colors seems like the obvious choice. We’ve chosen four colors we feel are likely to make it into the future Pikmin 4.

As a recap, here’s a quick list of current colors and what they do.

  • Red are immune to fire and are the fiercest fighters.
  • Blue can survive underwater.
  • Yellow are immune to electricity, are the fastest diggers, and can be thrown the farthest.
  • Purple have the strength of five Pikmin.
  • White are immune to poison and can see hidden treasures.
  • Rock can shatter glass and crystal, weigh more than other colors, and deal heavy damage upon impact.
  • Flying can travel through the air and hover over water.

With that little review out of the way, here are our predictions.


green pikmin

If internet message boards are to be believed, Green Pikmin seem to be the likeliest inclusion in the next game. The question is: what would they do to set themselves apart? At its core, the color green is a combination of blue and yellow; we figure the Green could have the water-breathing abilities of the Blue, plus the lightweight and electrical aspects of the Yellow. Since green is also the color of flora, we think they could interact with certain plants and climb special vines.



orange pikmin

Orange Pikmin are another highly likely pick for the next game. Like the color green, orange is a secondary color – a combination of red and yellow. Thus, we think the Orange could sport the fire resistance and combat prowess of the Red, plus the light weight and electrical immunity of the Yellow. Orange is also the color of Nectar, a substance the little guys use to level up. Orange could carry this Nectar as they would any other item, returning it to the Onion, multiplying the Nectar for all.



brown pikmin

To us, the Brown are similar to the Yellow and Flying types. Reason number one, Yellow are the best diggers, and the Brown just have to be diggers as well. We figure they could break special rocks and create tunnels. And much like how the Flying carry items through the air, the Brown would tunnel back the Onion, carrying items literally under the nose of any danger.




black pikmin

You might think the Black would be too similar to Rock, but our idea is very different. In fact, we see three possibilities for these little guys. One, they survive the typical sundown death of any Pikmin left on the planet’s surface at the end of the day. Two, they are practically invisible to enemies; while the squad can hide by waiting in tall grass, the Black could simply proceed unseen by predators. Finally, the next game could introduce a tar or oil element, and these guys would be resistant to it.


Who knows when we’ll see the next Pikmin game. Until then, we’ll revel in speculation, and that means picking colors and assigning abilities. Have you thought of another color or role the little guys could take on? Let us know in the comments!