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“If you had one shot…” It’s a tantalizing phrase. You probably think of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” don’t you? Well, imagine yourself on the battlefield instead. You’ve got one shot – one respawn, one life, one chance – to support your team as the insurgents close in on your control point. Will you lead your team to victory, or will your fall flat? And is that mom’s spaghetti on your shirt?

Insurgency is all about these moments. It carries a sense of teamwork, not of an arena full of Rambos. Though it started as a Source mod, Insurgency is soon releasing as a standalone tactical FPS. Even in the beta form we experienced, this teamwork was immediate. The lifespan of a soldier here is short. Sure, you can get gunned down pretty quickly in shooters like Call of Duty, but you can pick yourself up and keep on battling almost immediately. Deaths in Insurgency usually means sitting out the rest of the match, so sticking together is key to surviving every conflict.

When a match loads, you’ll side with either the Security or the Insurgents. There is little difference between the two, as the faction designs are just used to tell each other apart from the enemy. From there, you’ll choose a loadout, another place Insurgency stands apart. Weapons, both primary and sidearm, are hyper-realistic, and therefore played uniquely. Weight, sights, recoil, spread, and accuracy are deal makers and breakers for every weapon, not the typical “blinged out” weaponry of most shooters. Props go to developer New World Interactive for dedication to realism.

And props to you if you notice the celebrity player here.

That realism is the glue that holds Insurgency‘s tactics together. Crouching, sprinting, and running around corners are not just means of conveyance, but also of shelter and escape. You’ll soon learn to lean around every corner, especially before rushing a control point. In our time with the beta, we eased through office building corridors and through mid-east city alleyways, but no matter the situation, death was imminent – for us, or for the soldier around the next turn. Any weapon can kill within a few rounds, and with regular perma-death per match, this is dire for all parties involved.

Insurgency prides itself on intensity and skill. Knowing how to stay in cover and take careful aim are key here – not kill streaks or vehicle call-ins. This hardcore, “death around every corner” style isn’t for everyone – that’s pretty clear. However, you won’t find a similar multiplayer experience on PC right now. If you’re looking for something different from the run-of-the-mill Call of Dutys and Battlefields, Insurgency is here for you.