SkullgirlsWith the advent and influx of desire for more female representation in games, Reverge Labs and Lab Zero Games luckily not only graced us with a female-led roster, but a solid fighter by its own merits. Yes, to commemorate it’s successful Indiegogo (7x the intended goal) and PC release (August 22nd), we have a few Skullgirls codes to toss out!

Thanks to the developers, we can now show you how to win one of our five codes for Skullgirls! All we ask is to follow the instructions of the rafflecopter below to win the possible Steam code, no strings or pay walls here.

Contest ends before September 27th and we’ll be drawing the five winners the next day.

An FYI for winners, redeem before November when the now free DLC character of Squigly, an undead opera singer who was brought back to life by the parasite Leviathan (because fighting games and monsters!), puts up a price barrier!

Read our review of the competent PC port of Skullgirls!

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