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Ubisoft has released a pair of new co-op missions for Splinter Cell Blacklist called Homeland, which involves sneaking aboard a Billionaire’s yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean and dealing with a team of insurgents trying to build a dirty bomb in Kazakhstan.  This video walkthrough shows you how to maximize your score potential for the Billionaire Yacht mission, allowing to rocket you to the top of the leaderboards and amaze your friends, family members and future potential mating partners!

Oh, and for future reference Ubisoft employees who designed the Billionaire Yacht level…can you explain to me why the top of the ship has an entire floor that you can ONLY reach by somehow climbing up a ten foot wall? How did that heavy infantry man get up there in all that armor? Really? No ladder or stairwell somewhere, you have to wall jump to get up to the top? Come on.

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