9959408394_73fa17202c_zThe Last of Us came and went by in June with an unknown season pass looming over the finely crafted main course. Since its release, hype waters tame for more current titles and next-gen consoles the closer and closer we get toward the Fall. From a post on the PlayStation Blog, we’ll see continued support of The Last of Us before its one-year anniversary.

First up, a multiplayer drop of maps with Suburbs (Dust obscurity!), Bus Depot (Wild Giraffes!?), Hometown (Darkness!), and Bookstore (Vertical danger!). Serving as a placeholder for the upcoming single-player DLC, Abondoned Territories Map Pack launches October 15th.

The Last of UsComing sometime in December or January, the Joel-and-Ellie-free Story DLC begins motion-capture  production this week and explore different areas of The Last of Us universe. Then the 3rd DLC pack is yet to be detailed, though due to hit the first half of 2014. In addition, the Season Pass remains the best investment for the flurry of content out and encroaching at a price of $19.99, a discount of 75% for everything.