Call of Duty Ghosts 3In addition to canines and fancy new carbines in Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward unveils a new multiplayer feature expanding on bare, offline bot matches. In Squads, you select a group of AI-controlled friends to tag along and fight adaptable AI units. Alternatively, create turf wars with another player and their squad or partake in horde mode.

Wargame – Your squad pummeling the computer, bot match essentially.

Squad Assault – Take your group of robots and pit them against someone else’s group, when offline, your squad and yourself can gain XP from others challenging your team’s skill.

Safeguard – Utilize perks, killstreaks, and loadouts from multiplayer with three others and battle waves of bots

Call of Duty Ghosts releases everywhere (but Wii) on November 5th (and whenever next-gen systems launches)