Shadow WarriorDevolver Digital and Flying Wild Hogs enlists RuneStorm to combine gory swordplay with the mundane world of janitorial work in a hyper-violent work environment. Viscera Cleanup Detail, an upcoming indie game looking to spruce up the latest space marine rampaging through a space station, takes its unique gameplay and hands the mop and bucket to Lo Wang to cover his tracks. Owners of the rebooted Shadow Warrior are able to download this add-on content free and available as of this posting.

Studio head at Flying Wild Hog’s Michal Szuslak comments further on the indie collaboration with…

“When our team first saw Viscera Cleanup Detail on Steam Greenlight we absolutely loved with the idea of a person out there that had to clean up after big battles in FPS or horror games. RuneStorm has done a tremendous job in taking a key scene from Shadow Warrior and recreating its aftermath to form a fun and hilariously frustrating mini-game using the Viscera Cleanup Detail mechanics.”

The level itself is Lo Wang’s first Kantana scuffle with the Yakuza, take a gander at the latest Shadow Warrior DLC below.