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Here Comes a New Challenger!

Front Towards Gamer is making some big changes, and here’s one of the biggest: community game nights. Once every predetermined date, we’ll do a scheduled game night where we’ll be playing a new game each week (though we might have some repeats)! First up on the list is League of Legends! This Friday, October 18th, we’ll be busy destroying towers and maiming Champions! Here’s how we’re gonna do it: add any of the following Riot IDs to your friends list. Come Friday night, be logged into League of Legends, and we’ll invite you to play some matches of LoL with us! We might even have some cool stuff to give away.

What Time?

Friday, October 18th at 6PM until god-knows-when!

Riot IDs

Triscuitable – Rhys Egner

Shanghai Six – Stephen Machuga

23Breach – Robert Beach

Draeno – Jordan Anderson

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@Triscuitable – Rhys Egner

 @ShanghaiSix – Stephen Machuga

@23Breach – Robert Beach

@Draeno – Jordan Anderson