Heroes of the SwarmThe mysterious Blizzard Moba working underneath Diablo III and Hearthstone finally sheds a light on what to expect from it. Well, the name that is. Formerly Blizzard Dota (usurped by Valve with DOTA 2) then Blizzard All-Stars (probably changed because of a certain PlayStation Battle Royale), and now twists our tongues with Heroes of the Storm.

Mistaking a Starcraft 2 expansion aside, instead of a customary press release declaring the name change, we’re treated to a cartoon that explains the scenario. As a reminder, Heroes of the Storm combines characters from Diablo, Warcraft (World of as well), and Starcraft for a free-to-play moba brawling.

Blizzard accompanies this announcement of Heart of the Swarm with a hint at more details of its next game at this year’s Blizzcon (Nov 8-9).

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Source