10273912966_7ee090f9fb_zOne of the PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives coming within the year, InFAMOUS Second Son, unveils its multiple editions. Meager additions overall, the swag tagging along with the game comes more so in the form of physical goodies and pieces suited for Delsin Rowe (protagonist) cosplay.

The Limited Edition (see: new) simply offers bridge content called “Cole’s Legacy.” The DLC, however, does not let PS4 owners ride the electric skies as Cole MacGrath, but rather updates on the lore between InFAMOUS 2 and Second Son. Details are scarce as to if Cole makes a cameo in said content, but you’ll have to assume he has to show up, it’s his legacy.

While the heftier, more additive version whaps a $79.99 tag to the standard $59.99. Contents of the pricier Collector’s Edition include the day-one DLC, in-game vest, replica of Delsin’s beanie, pins, DUP patch, and topped off with a “hands-on” alternative cover.

InFamous Second Son mistakes Delsin Rowe with Jesse Pinkman February on the PlayStation 4.