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Dead Rising 3 is a masterwork on the brand spanking new Xbox One, but if you don’t have the $500 to plunk down on a new machine and are waiting a bit, or have no interest in zombie slaughter, well, we’ve not only played through Dead Rising 3 for you, but we recorded absolutely every single cutscene to the game for your viewing pleasure! Why mow down tens of thousands of zombies when we’ll do it for you!

Chapter Zero Cutscenes:
Chapter One Cutscenes:
Chapter Two Cutscenes:
Chapter Three Cutscenes:
Chapter Four Cutscenes:
Chapter Five Cutscenes:
Chapter Six Cutscenes:
Chapter Seven Cutscenes:
Chapter Eight (OVERTIME) Cutscenes:
All Seven Psychopaths!
The Ending of Dead Rising 3
The Mega Man X-Buster Weapon!

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