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Let’s face it: Ryse: Son of Rome hasn’t been burning up the charts as far as a launch title goes for the Xbox One. With middling scores, a repetitive fighting style and a lack of a versus multiplayer (what?), the game is getting the scores it deserves. But one thing Ryse: Son of Rome does have is a compelling cast of memorable characters and a goregous cutscene filled storyline.  So if you don’t feel like burning the $60 required to run out and get the game, have no fear! We’ve got every single cutscene in the game, as well as the ending of the game and a guide on the best way to get the somewhat tricky “Monstrum Combo” achievement (kill 25 enemies without getting hit once).

Please to enjoy: the entire game of Ryse: Son of Rome, in cutscene format!

Chapter One: The Beginning
Chapter Two: S.P.Q.R
Chapter Three: Trial By Fire
Chapter Four: The King
Chapter Five: Edge of the World
Chapter Six: Pax Romana
Chapter Seven: Wrath of the Nemesis
Chapter Eight: The Son of Rome
The Ending of Ryse: Son of Rome!
The “Monstrus Combo” Achievement Guide!

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