The devil is in the detail when it comes to the GTA franchise and Rockstar have kept up their stellar reputation for quality with the latest installment. The sheer size of the gameworld and depth of the gameplay available is what sets GTA V apart from its peers, as well as the gorgeously detailed artwork that makes it feel almost real. Even the most dedicated gamers may not have realised quite how many mad things you can within game.

Earning millions in minutes

Early adopters of the newest game were delighted when they discovered a small glitch that allowed them to earn tons of cash very quickly by exploiting an underwater wreck. Sadly, Rockstar quickly fixed that particular bug, meaning players had to look harder and deeper to find crazy things to do.

Aside from the well publicized little touches, like being able to hide from the police or take selfies, there are far more interesting ways to spend your time in game.

Annoy Trevor with music

A character that disagrees with the player is always going to be fun and Trevor certainly delivers this. If you switch the radio from his favourite station (Channel X) then you’ll find he becomes increasingly agitated and aggressive, eventually deciding to switch it back without you telling him to – a great example of the small touches that makes the game stellar.

Do it doggy style

Proving canine companions are always the best, whether in life or in game, Rockstar have endowed Franklin’s canine buddy Chop with a personality all of his own. He can sniff out stuff for you and he can be used an extremely cute and surprisingly effective weapon. In return Franklin carefully makes sure Chop is let in and out of the car every time he parks, but just make sure you don’t accidentally play fetch with Franklin’s grenade – Chop will die in a mass of flailing limbs as he retrieves the bomb.

Meet Kanye

Yep, that’s the Kanye West. Apparently, so rumours say, you can find him in there if you look hard enough. If you happen to come across a cop who looks a bit like him, check the tattoos and you may well find out that he is based on West. In the last game in the series Kanye was on the soundtrack, it’s amusing to speculate that this was one of his stipulations.

Crime and punishment

GTA is, of course, all about new and different ways to create mayhem and avoid getting caught. From gambling to murder, the franchise has it all. However, this latest instalment is pretty light on the casino play that was so enjoyed in earlier incarnations. At present you can only ‘gamble’ on stocks although the casino does say it’s opening soon. If you want to check out how well Rockstar can replicate the clandestine fun of a casino then check out GTA: San Andreas and compare at 32 red casino.

Swim with the sharks

Although GTA V is light on casinos, you could gamble with your character’s life by throwing yourself into the brand new addition of hunting games. If you are brave enough to swim in the deepest parts of the sea, you’ll come across a shark. This shark will most likely kill you immediately but some players have found that there is a way to off those sharks. All you need is to stab them a couple of times and, in the online GTA V community, it’s actually become a thing to drag their trophies back to the beach and show them off.