League of Legends Happy Cyber Monday! Now enter this contest…

We are back on our noble steed of giveaways on this consumerist holiday and boy howdy, we can sense the significant amounts of weight loss occurring. Our paper and plastic greens don’t seem too well for the passed couple of day and with that, let us handout something free!

With us now are a pair of League of Legends codes, a code of Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank respectively, and you have until next Monday to work out simple clicks and spread the word until we randomly pluck out some future skin owners. Two winners will be chosen and they will pick which cartoonish champion they’d like to flounder about at Summoner’s Rift.

We do employ a 48-hour activation period, so stay alert on December 9th (Monday) for Twitter Direct Messages and Personal Emails!

A reminder once again, a Like, Follow, and Tweet could win you the League of Legends stuff!

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