Comic Station #50 Feature

We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. We add a little something extra in our Reviews and Recommendation section.

New Releases: There are soo many comics covered on this issue of Comic Station we just have to list them: Paul covers Krampus #1 from Image Comics, Code Red #1 from Zenescope, and Indestructible #1 from IDW. Teeny Fox let us know how Lunita #1 from Amigo Comics, WWE Superstars #1 from Super Genius, and Legends of the Dark Knight from DC Comics stack up this week. Since Echo Endless was out, Paul and Teeny had a few shout-outs we thought she’d like: Marvel Knights HULK #1 from Marvel Comics, Halo: Escalation #1 from Dark Horse Comics, and Sherlock Holmes Moriarty Lives #1 from Dynamite Comics.

Reviews: To Hell You Ride HC features an Indian burial ground and lots of potential. Four months after the initial issue,, Brain Boy #0 attempts to pull new readers in. A fantastic art piece, The Shaolin Cowboy #3 manages to eek some more plot in than the silent action of the last issue.

We had two special art pieces for our 50th issue of Comic Station: The bust of Lady Death and original artwork from artist C.J. Draden. We also announced our two winners from our Monstrous Apparel giveaway!

Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn’t get to, a list can be found below the video.

Hosts of the Comic Station:
Paul Neafsey (@PNeafsey)
Echo Endless
Teeny Fox
On location at The Comic Station Store
Video Editing: Paul Neafsey
Segment Music: Sean Weiland (Risen Phoenix Studios)


A full listing of comics out on December 11th 2013:

Astro City 7
Batgirl 26
Batman 26
Batman Black & White 4
Coffin Hill 3
Constantine 9
FBP Federal Bureau of Physics 6
Forever Evil Arkham War 3
Green Lantern Corps 26
Justice League 25
Justice League 3000 1
Justice League of America 10
Katana 10
Nightwing 26
Smallville Alien 1
Suicide Squad 26
Superboy 26
Superman/Wonder Woman 3
World’s Finest 18

A Plus X 15
Amazing Spider-Man 700.2
Amazing Spider-Man 700.3
Avengers AI 7
Cable and X-Force 17
Captain America 14
Captain America Living Legend 4
Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-Man 2
Cataclysm Ultimates 2
Inhumanity Awakening 1
Marvel Knights Hulk 1
Mighty Avengers 4
Nova 11
Superior Foes of Spider-Man 6
Thunderbolts 19
Uncanny X-Men 15
Wolverine 12
Wolverine and the X-Men 39
Wolverine Max 14

Dark Horse
Abe Sapien 8
Brain Boy 0
Clown Fatale 2
Conan of the Black Circle 3
Eerie Comics 4
Halo Escalation 1
Shaolin Cowboy 3
Star Wars 12
X 8

Danger Girl The Chase 4
Haunted Horror 8
Indestructible 1
Magic the Gathering Theros 2
Maxx Maxximized 2
Memory Collectors 2
Other Dead 4
Powerpuff Girls 4
Rocketeer Spirit Pulp Friction 4
Star Trek Annual 2013
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters 8
Wraith Welcome to ChristmasLand 2
X-Files 7

Darkness 116
Dead Body Road 1
Drumhellar 2
Invincible 107
Krampus 1
Lazarus 5
Manifest Destiny 2
Protectors Inc 2
Satellite Sam 5
Three 3
Walking Dead 118

Amigo Comics
Lunita 1

Asylum Press
Fearless Dawn Jurassic One Shot

Skin Trade 4
Uber 8

Big Dog Ink
Critter 17
In Crowd 4
Penny for your Soul Death 4
Ursa Minor 2

3 Guns 5
Deathmatch 12
Protocol Orphans 2
Sons of Anarchy 4
Uncanny 5

Danger Zone
Night of the 80’s Undead 3

Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash 4
Battlestar Galactica Starbuck 2
Doc Savage 1
Grimm Warlock 1
Kings Watch 3
Pathfinder 12
Sherlock Holmes Moriarity Lives 1

New Paradigm
Watson and Holmes 6

Super Genius

Archer & Armstrong 16
Harbinger 19
Unity 2

GFT Code Red 1
GFT No Tomorrow 4