As the boundaries of technological capabilities continue to be expanded to new lengths, it creates a hugely promising future for console gaming. The build-up leading towards the launch of next generation consoles contained an abundance of expectation and excitement as Sony and Microsoft revealed the ultra-high performance qualities and capabilities that would be on offer. Launched on November 22nd – a week after the PlayStation 4 hit the shelves – the Xbox One renewed fierce market rivalry with their main competitor for consumer dominance by assuring gamers of being able to savour the best gaming experience ever. Every day, over 100,000 Xbox One consoles are sold across the world, with fans clamouring for a device which may define, and ultimately shape, the destiny of the gaming experience.

What Makes the Xbox One Tick?

While Microsoft have worked tirelessly to modernise the dashboard layout and menus, the dynamic qualities of the Xbox One are reflected within the console’s high quality specifications. Certain elements of the preceded Xbox 360, such as the DVD drive, Kinect camera technology and an external power supply, have remained, but the big changes are found in the performance and graphical resolution qualities. The 360 suffered during its infancy period with reliability issues, notoriously known as the ‘Red Ring of Death’, but advanced processors have been integrated into the Xbox One to produce smooth visual simulation. An 8-core processor not only runs next generation graphics at considerably high frame rates and high definition resolution, but also produces little to no noise at all when playing a game or DVD. Powered by 8 gigabytes of RAM, the console is able to run any game that utilises next generation graphical capabilities without any stuttering imagery or long loading times. Although the hard-drive has been made non-removable on the Xbox One, it is over four times greater in size with 500 gigabytes available for gamers to play their favourite games and make the most of the extensive list of entertainment apps.

Must-Have Games

In the months leading up to the launch of the Xbox One, numerous game developers revealed they were integrating next generation graphics into their titles to make them compatible with the new console. While many games were adaptations of titles which were originally released for preceded consoles, a small number of games were made exclusively available to Xbox One gamers. Xbox 360 titles cannot be played on the new console, leaving gamers the scour the market for the most anticipated games to savour next generation graphics for the first time.


Through their dynamism and unerring ability to put gamers at the heart of battle, first-person shooters are arguably the leading genre of computer games. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are must-have games for those who love to join allied forces in their fight against terrorism and a bid for world domination. Next generation graphics and sound effects create an almost perfect virtual simulation of the environment real-life armies find themselves in, with scenery texture, gun fire and animated movement a true depiction of real life. The Ignite engine has further enhanced the technological and graphical qualities of FIFA 14, with next generation graphics integrated to bring the crowd to life and make footballers think and move like real life professionals. Visual imagery used with thousands of players is superbly reproduced in-game so football fans can replicate the same experience as watching a game on television or in the stadium. Wonderful graphical detail and textures are also apparent throughout Forza 5, with hundreds of hybrid sports cars replicated to place gamers behind the wheel of the fastest cars in the world around famous racing tracks.

Is Interactivity a Future Possibility?

While the Xbox One has shown the substantial qualities of next generation graphics through innovative technological specifications, there is further scope for development to make consoles even more dynamic. Microsoft are working on developing the interactive element of the Xbox One to provide gamers with an unbeatable gaming experience in which practically anything is possible. The upgraded Kinect 2.0 allows gamers to effectively interact with their console through voice commands on the dashboard and whilst playing games, with tracking software effectively translating gestures into controls. Both could be integrated into producing casino games which allow gamers to enjoy the thrill of gambling through their console. Replicating casino textures and atmosphere is surely possible through next generation graphics which can look identical to playing casino games at Although casino-based games are currently based upon gambling with fake money, there is no reason why real money could not be implemented in the future to make gambling realistic and fun.