As we already knew Dead Rising 3 will be getting a series of downloadable content releases. The entire series is titled Untold Stories of Los Perdidos and will comprise four add-ons to the main game. Now, via Polygon, we are finally getting some details about the first entry. Titled Operation Broken Eagle, this add-on puts you in control of a spec-ops commander named Adam Kane who is tasked with locating and securing the missing President of the United States. According to the announcement, the mission will challenge “everything he believes in”, so be prepared for some possible intrigue and plot-twists along with all the zombie slaughter.

Operation Broken Eagle will include  five new weapons, a new combo weapon, a new vehicle, an additional outfit and extra Gamerscore. Experience points earned while playing the DLC will be transferred back to the main game, so you can still level up your main character while playing through this mission.

Each of the four planned add-ons will be priced at $9.99, but a season pass which includes all four is available for a discounted $29.99. If you are wondering if Dead Rising 3 is for you be sure to check out our review or our extensive mega guide. A 20 minute demo has also been released on Xbox Live. It can only be played twice per account, so be sure to get as much out of your time as possible.