Dead Rising 3 Guide Title

Having played through all of Dead Rising 3, I figured that getting the strategy guide wouldn’t hold much value for me. I had hit every mission, I saved almost every survivor, and I beat every boss, so what could this walkthrough really give me that I hadn’t found for myself? Once I started flipping through its 256 pages, however, I found that I not only gained some much needed knowledge, but I actually felt the need to load up the game and try out some of the awesome things that I learned while reading through the Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide.

The Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide is laid out like you would expect most guides. It starts out by explaining the story – the recaps of the first two games were especially appreciated – and then goes through a step-by-step walkthrough of the game’s story mode, followed by smaller parts for side quests, weapons, vehicles, and miscellaneous tricks. The authors, Joe Epstein and Doug Walsh of BradyGames, have definitely gone above and beyond on the walkthrough section.

Dead Rising 3 Guide Map

With the unique structure of the Dead Rising games, BradyGames took the effort to create a walkthrough that was equally as unique. Instead of simply listing out the actions that need to be done, BradyGames wrote out this part more like it was a novel. It was a truly refreshing change for game guides, and one that I hope future books follow. I was able to read through the walkthrough and actually gain more enjoyment from the story thanks to the way it was written. And the effort to avoid spoilers was greatly appreciated, as I now look forward to replaying the game and getting the other endings that were hinted at, but never fully revealed.

The best part of the Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide is how much attention was paid to the little details. Humor is sprinkled throughout the book, which is extremely appropriate for a game where you can kill thousands of zombies while wearing a schoolgirl outfit, go-go boots, and a sombrero. Maps are spread out over the entire book so that you don’t have to keep flipping to the front every time you forget where your safe house is. The weapon and food sections in the back are all very descriptive and explain locations as well as combination recipes. I found a lot of weapon combos that I had missed and really want to test out on my next playthrough.

Dead Rising 3 Guide Weapons

Some feel that printed game guides are in danger of becoming a thing of the past. With internet guides and walkthroughs becoming more and more prevalent, I had my doubts about the continued value that these books could offer. Many companies have gone the route of making them into collectibles, using hard covers and more high end designs. This would have certainly improved the Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide, since the current cover is simply the game’s box art printed on thin paper, but it was not a necessity. BradyGames went with quality in the writing and in how much information the book contains rather than improving the physical design of the book. When reading through Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide, I remembered why these guides became essential for so many players.