Defense GridTower Defense games are the backbone of many public school time wasters. Often times crude and shallow, these browser-based flash games satisfied the youngins’ gaming palettes enough to carry on the day retaining less and less class material. Don’t do that, for the love of what ever mighty one exists in the sky DO NOT! Instead, you should of went home and play a proper game when you were roughing it at primary school, like Defense Grid.

Sweet, ham-fisted segway! Let’s get to the goods.

From Hidden Path Entertainment, a code for the Defense Grid: Containment Bundle graces our inbox. What stores in this assortment of goodies is quite self-explanatory. Get every bit of map package, Containment expansion, and the infamous Aperture Science DLC with the base game. A $20 value, yours free with a subscription to our social media! Enough channeling Billy Mays (rest his soul) here are the lists of commands we need you to follow so you can one, polished tower defense title.

Defense Grid- The AwakeningWe do employ a 48-hour activation period, so stay alert on December 24th (Tuesday) for Twitter Direct Messages and Personal Emails!

A reminder once again, a Like, Follow, and Tweet could win you the Defense Grid stuff!

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