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So, yes, in case you haven’t seen it, Front Towards Gamer’s commander in chief Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga was followed around by a Polygon film crew a few weeks back, and the team discusses the final product which released as a documentary style feature over on Polygon called “Launching Operation Supply Drop”. Pretty amazing stuff! Shockingly, Shanghai continues to show up for work and be seen with the rest of the podcast rabble of Quinn and guest host Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson, but then storms off a quarter of the way through because there are NO BLUE M&Ms at the craft services table and that WAS SPECIFICALLY DETAILED ON HIS PODCAST RIDER.

Anyway, the boys talk about the hell of being a Star Trek holodeck jizzmopper, just how much people would play a League of Legos MOBA game, Shanghai takes a dump on Peggle 2 while Chaingun kicks porn star Knack in the throat some more with his gut punch review of the PS4 platformer. Quinn talks Kingdoms of Amalur…wait, didn’t two new consoles come out? What in the hell?

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Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@ShanghaiSix)
Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan (@Soulibon)
Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson (@chaingunpope)

Audio Editing: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@ShanghaiSix)

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