golden claymore, game of the year, front towards gamer, day 6

The year 2013 has been huge for gaming. We got sequels, originals, remakes, revamps, and everything in between. In fact, this year has been one of the most debated since the beginning of Front Towards Gamer – so much came out, and so much deserves recognition.

To manage the sheer amount of awards we have to give this year, the 2013 Golden Claymore Awards are being spread out over the course of seven days. It’s day six, and here are today’s awards.

Best PS3 – The Last of Us

golden claymore, game of the year, front towards gamer, last of us

Naughty Dog’s latest opus was an instant hit for many, and it’s certainly one of the crowning achievements in video game storytelling and character development. Not to mention, it’s one of the many reasons to own a PS3 at this point in the console’s life. Joel and Ellie’s dynamic and tale are two of the best things to ever grace Sony’s lumbering piece of tech, and for me specifically, a much more enjoyable plot than even Bioshock: Infinite. It was more grounded, more believable, and all around just better well done. Yes, it’s a cover shooter, and the AI may not be 100% perfect, but at this point, a stealth AI is never going to reach the levels we’d truly like, so it’s forgivable. Like Bioshock, however, it is a bit of an open-ended story. It can be told to completion in DLC over the next year, but it’s a concise and glorious journey through a vast, apocalyptic, dreary new world. Be sure to spend your last last moments pre-PS4 with the last gem of the PS3: The Last of Us.

– Curtis Stone, Associate Editor

Best PS4 – Resogungolden claymore, game of the year, front towards gamer, resogun

How did a mostly 2D game that was given away for free to Playstation Plus members become the best game for Playstation 4 this year? By being insanely fun, unquestionably addictive, and gorgeously designed, showing off the particle effects of the new system. Seeing your first bomb being used or watching the background city crumble after you have been defeated are some of the most enjoyable moments to be had on the PS4. While your Killzones and your Knacks fight over the AAA space, Resogun swooped in and impressed players with its creativity and retro styling. Even if you don’t have PS+, Resogun is a must-play game.

– Kyle Hanson, Associate Editor

Best Xbox 360 – State of Decay

golden claymore, game of the year, front towards gamer, state of decay

When you hear about a massive sandbox zombie survival game, do you think about a small indie developer and the Xbox 360? If so, you must have played State of Decay. This procedurally generated world created a realistic adventure filled with tension and touches of humor. Death was permanent and impactful, as lost members stayed dead, possibly representing hours of investment. Each member stood out as an individual, contributing toward the survival of the group, yet demanding more and more resources. With randomly generated missions and threats, gameplay was not limited to the storyline, allowing dozens – if not hundreds – of hours of play time. Despite heavy competition, Undead Labs managed to create a uniquely immersive experience many didn’t think was possible on a console, let alone in downloadable game. They redefined what the Xbox 360 could do and mean for developers and gamers.

– Paul Neafsey, Associate Editor

Best Xbox One – Dead Rising 3

golden claymore, game of the year, front towards gamer, dead rising 3

Dead Rising 3 may not be the “killer app” that you hope for with a console launch. It has its share of issues, including some graphical glitches and AI issues, but when you’re having this much fun, it really doesn’t matter. Being able to hop into a vehicle and drive through crowds of hundreds of zombies is a unique experience that shows the potential of the Xbox One better than any other title so far. The enormity of the zombie horde cannot be overstated, and it is the sort of sight that can only be done on something as powerful as the Xbox One. With some small improvements to the tried-and-true Dead Rising formula mixed in, Dead Rising 3 stands out as the best choice for your new hardware.

– Kyle Hanson, Associate Editor