Rayman LegendsUbisoft fluactuates another game’s release date, but in a more positive light. Rayman Legends for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports its way on February 18th in North America and February 20th in Europe.

Going beyond a simple, up-rezzed port, Rayman Legends features slight additions to gameplay. Communications Manager, Gary Steinman, has the details in the UbiBlog post. In it, he asks a few questions about the next-gen releases to Lead Game Designer of Rayman Legends, Emile Morel. In brief, separate costumes on separate system, donning famous attires of recent Ubisoft hits, and special features tied to each console.

For the Xbox One version, Far Cry 3’s notorious character of Vaas combines with Rayman (Ray Vaas) and Globox (Far Glob), then Splinter Cell’s grizzled spy of Sam Fisher mixes with Rayman (Splinter Ray). Factoring in as well to the version, 10 exclusive challenges binding to Xbox One’s time-limited achievements wherein weekly doses of levels crop up.

Rayman Legends Follow with PlayStation 4 owners, they also gain a ruthless pirate who also doubles as an Assassin, Rayman barrows Edward Kenway’s (Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag) wardrobe to be “Assassin Ray.” In addition to Camera Mode, Morel  describes this as “By pressing the touchpad once, you freeze the game and enter Camera Mode…by moving your fingers on the touchpad you can zoom in and out and also pan to adjust the frame. When you’re happy with your picture, you just have to press the Share button…” Lastly, remote play is available, allowing to continue the PlayStation 4 progress on the Vita.