Game Music Daily Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase kicking off the new year by looking at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs of what they consider special / interesting / important to them below. It could be anything; epitomizing events, significance of the song, music matching moments, or simply a darn, good listen!

1. Spyro 2 — Glimmer (Steward Copeland)

“Glimmer could easily be one of my favorite beginning levels of anything, simply because of the music. Right when the snare drum hits kick the game off, I was sold. Then and there the acoustic guitar melody repeated phrase throughout the track reassured Spyro 2 will be an endless affair of pure joy to play.”

– Robert Beach, News Writer


2. Chrono Cross “Dream of the Shore Near Another World” (Yasunori Mitsuda)


“Quite honestly, of the 20+ years I’ve been playing JRPGs there has never been a more engrossing and powerful overworld map than Chrono Cross’. Yasunori Matsuda, whose composing credits exceed way more than I could put here, just swept me away; no pun intended. Chrono Cross may not have the same long-lasting reception as its ‘sibling’ Chrono Trigger’, but its soundtrack will forever be a part of my life. And it all starts with “Dream of the Shore Near Another World”.

– Curtis Stone, Freelance Writer


3. Fez – Adventure (Disasterpeace)

“I generally only listen to music when I’m playing a game that doesn’t require too much ‘listening’, or when I’m writing. And for well over a year now, my go-to soundtrack for that has been Fez. Adventure perfectly sets the soothing tone of the rest of the OST, as well as the game it’s featured in.”

– Morgan Park, Staff Writer


4. Far Cry 3 – “Broken Compass” (Brian Tyler)

“Broken Compass is the first track you hear when starting up Far Cry 3. The distorted electronic wails and powerful drum beats communicate to you that what you’re about to play is not normal fare. A recurring theme of the soundtrack is the distorted electronic tones, symbolic of the insanity and unrest that plagues the setting of Rook Island, and this track is a perfect example of such. It’s haunting, powerful, and before you’ve even selected “New Game”, it creates a mystery waiting to be uncovered.”

– Rhys Egner, Staff Writer

5. Dead Island Riptide – “Let It Be Haven” (Pawel Blaszczak)

“Pawel Blaszczak’s “Let It Be Haven” tries too hard. Not to insult the man’s brilliant work, his plodding, minor key hits work too well to be in a zombie game with characters named Sam B (who,”unfortunately,” wrote two songs about the dead because screw subtly). Of all the tearjerker piano tracks, “Let It Be Haven” slices the onion deepest. It doesn’t go anywhere; Stuck in its own self-reflective spiral of despair, losing momentum to a continually softening three notes. Then nothing. Fade to dark for the song ended itself before time says.”

– Robert Beach, Community Manager


6. Metal Gear Solid – “Main Theme” (TAPPY & Konami Sound Team)

“Every time I hear that song, it gets me pumped up for anything. What better way to up the action than to have a high energy song with sweeping strings and precise percussion.”

– Brandon Parker, Staff Writer

7. Orcs Must Die 2! – “Apocalypstick” (Chris Rickwood & Robot Entertainment)

Orcs Must Die! Series had its moments of greatest, such a brilliant twist on the Tower Defense genre. Infuse the third person perspective, on top of the accessibility and simplicity of its gameplay. It finally took Robot Entertainment to the 2011 sequel for a release of the up-beat soundtrack. In it, you get the two song styles influenced by your stage. One, the action, the battle music going berserk; The other, the planning music, laying the traps and strategies before the Orc rush. Awaiting to press the release valve in anticipation as the music loops louder, gearing you up for the onslaught. Methodical at times, but waiting on ya to stop the hem and hawing and get to the killing!”

Robert Beach, Corporate Market Synergist


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