Cranked mode is one of my personal favorite new game modes introduced into the Call Of Duty franchise. If you are familiar with Team Deathmatch and want a new game type that adds a unique twist, this is the game mode for you. Here are some tips and tricks to better yourself and familiarize you if you never played Cranked.

For new players, Cranked is a Team Deathmatch variant in which the most kills win. What’s different is that in each kill you enter a phase called Cranked, in which you run faster but take the regular amount of damage. You also have a 30 second timer in which you have to get the next kill. Fail to get a kill within that time limit and you explode, sending you back to the regular slow self. It it very fast paced and leaves barely no room for campers.

Speaking of guns, this mode is not recommended if you plan on sniping, unless you are going to quick scope. With the vast majority of players either using a shotgun, SMG, or any short range weapon, a sniper may become disadvantageous in this mode. However, I found moderate success on long range assault rifles. My recommendation is to use any short range weapon. The Honey Badger is the most useful on short maps, while the Remington R5 is equally useful with the longer ranged maps. Don’t forget to use muzzle break on the R5 for some added range on the weapon.


What I also recommend for perks is any and all speed perks. This will not only make you a little faster (but not much faster) than the non Cranked players but will give you some advantageous for one on one engagements with Cranked players. When you get a kill, those speed perks are amplified a little, giving you even more speed. However, you do have to watch your corners when you are in Cranked mode, as you are in lightning speed and can very easily overlook a creeping player.

As far as packages are concerned, it is up to your play style. Since you do die a little faster than in other modes, I suggest downgrading your packages to one level, as getting a maniac juggernaut is a rare commodity in this mode. However, steer clear of the Sat Coms, as they are found rather quickly, but use a ground jammer when necessary. This keeps you and your team from being spotted by radar contact for a brief moment, letting you get easy kills in the process.


If you are not concerned with your kill/death ratio or any stat, you could try the knife class. What this is details just a knife, either speed, stealth or a combination of the two, and some tactical grenades, mainly stun or flashbang. Just wait for an enemy to go to a chokepoint, run up behind them, and stab them. This isn’t very useful or helpful, but still a fun way to play, especially the juicy reactions when someone gets stabbed.

Cranked is very fast paced, over the top and lots of fun. Use these classes to make the most of this game mode. Have fun!!!