Titanfall is getting the sort of treatment that is usually reserved for Halo or Call of Duty by getting its very own controller for the Xbox One release of the game. This is just another indication of the power that Microsoft and EA are putting behind this title, which has been building buzz ever since its initial reveal.

Titanfall Controller Titanfall Controller 2

The controller was designed in collaboration with Titanfall’s developer Respawn Entertainment, and is said to be “inspired by the C-101 carbine, used by the elite IMC Titan Pilots of the Frontier. Crafted in striking detail for maximum authenticity in color and graphics, the controller looks and feels like an artifact from the world of Titanfall.” You can preorder the Xbox One Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller at this link for $64.99. It will be released right along side the game on March 11th 2014, Titanfall is also available on PC through EA’s Origin service.