The next latest and greatest for League of Legends, Vel’koz, has been released for League of Legends patch 4.2 on the Public Beta Server; sorry gang, he’s not available for play yet!

Vel’koz is the first mage champion that Riot has released in a long time (since Lissandra last March), but they’ve been quietly teasing him in various multimedia ways. Fans of US-based jungler Trick2G may have caught his “Invasions My Way” video where the new void creature Vel’koz made a sponsored appearance and “interrupted” Trick2G as he was getting ready to make the gank. Other more astute folks may have caught pictures of the floating eyeball creature in images of Battlecast Viktor splash art, where Vel’koz is can barely be made out in the background. Those sneaky bastards.


But enough about teasing, what does this mage bring to the table?



Passive: Organic Deconstruction
Vel’Koz’s abilities Deconstruct those they strike. After being hit three times by his abilities, minions, monsters and enemy champions are Deconstructed and suffer bonus true damage. Enemies lose their Deconstruction stacks by avoiding Vel’Koz’s attacks for a short while.

Q: Plasma Fission
Vel’Koz fires a plasma bolt that slows and damages the first enemy struck. Once Plasma Fission hits, reaches its maximum range or is reactivated a second time, the bolt splits at a 90 degree angle. The split bolts deal the same damage and apply the same slow.

W: Void Rift
Vel’Koz sends out a straight line blast that tears open a temporary rift to the Void before exploding. Both the initial tear and the delayed explosion damage and apply Deconstruction stacks to caught enemies.

E: Tectonic Disruption
After a brief delay Vel’Koz disrupts a nearby area, damaging and launching all enemies caught into the air. Enemies hit that are close to Vel’Koz are also knocked back slightly.

R: Life Form Disintegration Ray
Vel’Koz channels a ray of infinite energy that follows the cursor for a brief while, damaging, slowing and Deconstructing all enemies in range.

If you’ve been playing League of Legends lately, there shouldn’t be too many surprises to his kit: there’s a ranged slow general Q poke, and a ranged laser ultimate that is actually focused around your mouse cursor as opposed to the “fire and forget” Lux laser that everyone loves to hate. Vel’koz’s E attack, Tectonic Disruption, is an interesting addition that looks similar to Cho’gath’s Rupture ability that sends enemies into the air (uh, oh: another champion to pair with Yasuo…)

Most importantly with all of this is Vel’koz’s passive ability, Organic Deconstruction. Much like a superpowered Darius bleed effect, Vel’koz’s abilities all cause “Deconstruction”, which stacks with each ability that Vel’koz lands on a champion. After three stacks, Vel’koz starts doing true damage, ignoring armor and magic resistances. In other words, based on his kit, it looks like his combo will be to slow with his Q, Plasma Fission, then toss out an E, Tectonic Disruption to pop enemies into the air, then fire a W, Void Rift, which is a line attack. That gives you your three needed stacks on your enemy target, softening them up for Vel’koz’s incredibly awesome named ultimate: LIFE FORM DISINTEGRATION RAY. You’re firing out a true damage over time Lux laser on an enemy? Woof.

We should be seeing Vel’koz next month after all the tweaks are hammered out on the public beta environment (PBE).