Total BiscuitThe world of video game journalism, and video game development, is as rife with sordid espionage and clocked threats as other forms of media it seems.

TotalBiscuit recently uploaded a video criticising FUN Creators’ new game Guise of the Wolf, titled “Let’s NOT Play Guise of the Wolf”. As has happened before with a TotalBiscuit video, namely the critical commentary of Day One: Garry’s Incident, the developers have seemingly filed a complaint ticket with YouTube against the video, enforcing copy-right claims.

3Now, as any whom are familiar with copy-right law knows (and it would appear that anyone who wishes to be a content creator on YouTube needs to be, these days) critique is protected by fair use, thus protecting it from such claims. The whole point of that law existing is so that products, companies and corporations should be subject to criticism and appraisal, thus allowing people to receive an informed opinion about the product. FUN Creators’ attempt to take this video down tells you much about both their opinion of the media, as well as their fear that their game will fare poorly if its faults are brought to light.

It is not quite so simple as Day One: Garry’s Incident however, as that company at least decided to apologize and rescind the copy-right claim. This time, a battle is being fought over twitter between @Totalbiscuit and @FUNCreators; the indie-games developer is claiming that the emails that @Totalbiscuit links, and the entire allegation that @FUNCreators is filing a claim, is false. Not only that, but @Totalbiscuit is photo-shopping emails, trying to discredit the company for… whatever reason.

Day_One_Garrys_Incident (7)The situation is still developing, and it is an interesting one because it is not immediately apparent whether this is merely a lack of communication between the PR team who runs the twitter and the legal team of the company, or the ham-fisted attempt to cover their bases after trying to blackmail and censor a critic.

Have a look at the list of @FUNCreators deleted tweets and form an opinion yourself.

UPDATE: FUN Creators’ have seemingly  sent another threat to TotalBiscuit, threatening further legal action, and the promise that they will claim any posting of this proof as fake. This is now going into the absurd. Either this is a deliberate PR move, or someone has truly idea what they’re doing at FUN Creators!

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    It goes in both ways actually by one may say something to hurt the other too much while the other got hurt too much and made crazy things.