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Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase kicking off the new year by looking at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs of what they consider special / interesting / important to them below. It could be anything; epitomizing events, significance of the song, music matching moments, or simply a darn, good listen!



43. Ratchet: Deadlocked’s “Dread Challenge – Grist for the Mill” (David Bergeaud)

“While the most action-heavy and most serious of the entire series, Bergeaud matches the tone in another stellar soundtrack here. In my time of listening to his entire contribution to the Ratchet and Clank series, there’s always been a certain element of play or child-like sensibilities. Deadlocked removes the feeling of flowery, platformer sound for a harsher, dare I say F-Zero-like futuristic racing score the series sometimes seemed to evoke.”

-Robert Beach, Community and News Editor

44. Donkey Kong Country’s “Northern Hemisphere” (David Wise)

“A pretty topical track to choose for this week for a couple of reasons:
1.) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hits stores this week and 2.) It’s been cold as balls here in NC these last couple of weeks! Regardless, David Wise and really hit something perfect back in 1994 with Donkey Kong Country’s soundtrack. Never a wasted note or usage during the entire game.
Northern Hemispheres is specifically fun because of its slow build towards a fun climax.

The Donkey Kong Country OST is always a solid go-to soundtrack for any occasion, and will likely remain at the top of my favorites list for years to come!”

-Curtis Stone, Freelancer always “cooking” up some great ideas!

45. Dustforce’s Elvish Piper Academy (Lifeformed)

“Quite chill music, contrasting how painstakingly difficult Dustforce can get with its OCD-like cleaning precision. No really, I don’t advise playing Dustforce if you have this insatiable craving for making a “perfect run” on a platforming level, hazardous stuff. Even if completing the required marks boils blood and grinds gears, the desire to smash keyboards/controllers lessens when something like “Elvish Piper Academy” tunes in and even more aggressive tracks like “Cider Time” come in non-threateningly. Dustforce’s airy chill fused with simple backbeats makes for an easing time in what ordinarily be cyclical frustration. Double with the progression in the song driving you forward ever so tranquilly, Lifeformed’s score soothes in any situation.”

-Robert Beach, Person who forgets word limits

46. Mass Effect 3’s “Leaving Earth” (Clint Mansell)

“Ah, Mass Effect 3, a game that skated through the motions of its predecessors and delivered a killing blow to its story that you either hated or hated a lot. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying the soothing piano and killer horns of Leaving Earth.”

-Morgan Park, Staff Writer and dirty, dirty Heathstoner.

47. Ice Hockey – Main Theme

I’m going to keep representing the 8-bit era with this selection from one of my favorite NES games. I don’t really know why I love this game and its music so much. I am not a sports fan at all, but the gameplay of the NES Ice Hockey game is just too much fun. The catchy tunes don’t stop with the main theme either. Once the zambonis hit the ice I dare you to not hum along.

Kyle Hanson, Staff Writer and Awaiting a Titan on your orders, Sir.

48. Fallout 3’s “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” (The Ink Spots)

“I have to admit, this song is very creepy…in a good way. It is a throwback to the 1950’s tape recordings and AM stations that made this song set the mood for the entire game. Plus, it is very reminiscent, if not ironic, that this song is featured on a game that the setting is a nuclear fallout filled Washington DC.”

-Brandon Parker, Staff Writer and Staunch Indie Game Purveyor

49. Ace Combat Assault Horizon’s “White Devil”

“I had to pick Ace Combat at some point, so here’s one from the Earth-bound entry, Assault Horizon. No Strangereal here, ladies and gents, but plenty of fighter jets and awesome music.

I really shouldn’t have to tell you why you should listen to these soundtracks; just go buy them all. Yeah, all of them.”

-Rhys Egner, Staff Writer and Framer of Wars


Sorry about the smack earlier, promise it won’t happen again if you do catch up on our collective compilation of daily picks below!