superkusokao_arcade-hecarim You know, fudge it! We’ll give some love to League of Legends‘ bedazzled horseman of Hecarim as well. Head down to the link for more to win the skin by a mere follow, like, and tweet!

This thing or whatever you want to call ends March…Uhh shoot. Hold on one sec-nuts! Where did I put it? The calender’s here somewhere when I was writing about my Bubsy / Sonic fanfic until Tony called and ask for my retail PC copy of Half-Life 2. Which is weird to think about the days where Steam didn’t exist and getting out your pizza-stained bedroo-got it! Got the calender here, March 7th, this Friday at 12:00am  when this League of Legends contest ends. Now how can I work in a Tails Amy Rose romance subplot? Oohh the possibilities!

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