Project Spark

In case the loud sound of mechs and next-gen fanciness made you forget Microsoft’s more minutiae (see: anal-retentive) answer to Little Big Planet at E3 last year, let’s remind you of Project Spark. Casual game developers and wannabe artists alike, create colorful landscapes and various game environment-based things from the comforts of your Microsoft-backed devices and applications. SmartGlass, Kinect, Xbox controllers, and oh right, keyboard and mouse (Not backed by Microsoft). Whip those things and let the game design-fantasies rip.

Why are we telling you this? THREE beta keys are available at Front Towards Gamer to download and give your right brain a creative whirl by a visit below. Ok, our words may not be convincing, but DO check out the brief intro video of Project Spark by Team Dakota. Who, I have a hunch, know just what Project Spark is in a nutshell.

Win a key by a mere follow, like, and tweet! Contest ends March 15th (Saturday night) at 12:00 am.

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  • Skander Boudawara

    I have done that :)

  • Karim Sassi

    who won ?

    • Karim Sassi

      lol I did 😀