Gun Game

The favorite party game mode Gun Game makes its way back to the Call Of Duty franchise with its recent update. Veterans should know their way around this game type, but I will give you some strategies and tips that will make your game even better.

For those of you who haven’t tried this game type, here’s a brief synopsis. Everyone starts out on different parts of the map similar to Free For All. However, everyone starts out with a randomly chosen pistol. Get a kill with a gun, you move up a tier of guns, until you end up with the last weapon, which is the combat knife. Get a kill with that and the game is over. However, if you get knifed, you get set back one gun tier. If you knife someone, you don’t rank up a tier, so this is a gamble of whether to knife someone or not. It’s frantic and a lot of fun to play, especially on Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Gun Game

For an LMG tier, this spot will nearly guarantee you a kill.

First things first, you have to know the order of weapons. First it is a random handgun. Go for a quick kill with that. Then the order is shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, minigun or LMG, marksman rifle, SMG, assault rifle, minigun or LMG, launcher, sniper rifle, SMG, assault rifle, shotgun, marksman rifle, sniper rifle, akimbo .44 Magnum with ACOG scopes and a combat and throwing knife. If you remember the order of these weapons and their advantages and disadvantages, you will rule the battlefield.

Gun Game

In this game mode, cover is your best friend.


In order to be successful in this game mode, you also have to use the map efficiently, especially when you have an outmatched weapon against your opponent. Utilize cover and never stand out in the open, especially if you get to the sniper and marksman rifle classes. You will be bullet fodder if you do. Going back to the Hunted Free For All game guide, it is especially important to know what gun you have and what advantages it has against your opponent. When traversing the battleground, make sure to listen for people behind you and have a sense of situational awareness. You may never know when someone with a faster weapon than you is going to sneak up behind you and put a knife in your back. This is especially true for smaller maps, such as Safeguard and Free Fall.

A good rule of thumb as well is to watch the mini map for enemy placements. More often than not they will have a weapon that is not silenced. This is a good opportunity to get a jump on enemies when they pop their first round. If you have a slower moving weapon, look for cover and contextual lean opportunities. More often than not, the enemy will shoot at the cover before they shoot at you, as your surface area during contextual lean is smaller.

For those of you who want a little challenge, if you have a great pistol and knife setup, keep them and don’t fire a bullet. Go around the map, using cover as concealment and let the knifing begin. Sure, it will make some people mad, especially when the enemy is on their last weapon and you knife them, but it is a lot of fun.

Try these simple steps, remember the gun order and Gun Game should be a breeze to win. Have fun!