Citybound, a City Builder Sim currently in development, was revealed last week on the Simcity subreddit by the developer Anselm Eickhoff.

Citybound promises to be a City Builder akin to what Sim City should have been – likely why he decided to reveal it on the game’s subreddit! At present, the game looks to be similar in regards to overall goals to Sim City, but promises a unique aesthetics, and seems intent on enforcing a much more open, free-form City Builder than Sim City turned out to be.

Although little has been created yet –  the game is still in its very early development stages – Citybound’s website promises weekly updates on the progress of Eickhoff, as well developmental choices in the game’s design. To stay up to date, be sure to follow him on Twitter, or by subscribing to the Citybound Subreddit

It’s hard to tell exactly what Citybound will end up being but at the moment, it certainly looks exciting!

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