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IT IS DONE. 55 hours, 29 minutes later, I have finished Dark Souls 2 with my sorcerer…not wearing a stitch of clothing or armor during any of the boss battles and doing every single of the 26 boss fights solo. Of course, this is not recommended, but I wanted to see if I could do it. And it’s DONE.

Man, that feels good. Ending was garbage, final boss fight was a joke, but as they say, sometimes, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

So let’s start it off.

dark souls, dark souls 2, guide, walkthrough, strategy, build, sorcerer, naked, solo, walkthrough, gameguide, how to, deprived, leveling,

The death of the final boss at the hands of my naked sorcerer.

Which class should I start as?
Well, that might sound like a dumb question, but take note! You can really make an early game decision to go all in with your sorcerer by choosing the “Deprived” class instead of just picking the generic sorcerer class. If you choose Deprived, you start at soul level ZERO, as opposed to starting off at  soul level 11. All of your stats are set to 6, which gives you an extra five early level points for you to put into things more important like intelligence. However, it’s not necessary to do this, it’s really only for the folks who like to maximize their build. Trust me, I didn’t know about this option until 30 hours in, and five points in any class is only a minor difference overall. But it’s there for the micromanagers. That said, I don’t believe you can just run out to Majula and grab a sorcerer’s staff and soul arrow, so that might be an issue.

Which gift should I take?
The Ring of Life. It gives a 5% health boost and you won’t replace the ring for a nice long time. Rings come a dime a dozen by the end game, but at the beginning? You’ll have it for awhile. Also, the rest of the gifts are generally one-use pieces of garbage in comparison.

Where do I level at?
When you first get to Majula, seek out the bonfire towards the cliffs and you’ll find the Emerald Herald. She’s where you’ll be dumping your souls into for leveling.

What should I level?
Sorcerer? You’re leveling Intelligence and Intelligence all the live long day. Early on, you’ve got a limited number of spell uses, so you need to make each one of them count until you’ve got a decent number of spells, attunement slots, and mid-area spell recovery items.

Where can I buy more spells?
1) Merchant Hag Melentia in the Forest of Fallen Giants. She’s your first spell vendor and you’ll find her standing next to a bonfire. Hard to miss and somewhat early on.
2) Carhillion of the Fold at No-Man’s Wharf. Your second vendor is all the way at the end of the area by the giant ship that comes in when you ring the bell (you did ring the bell, didn’t you?)
3) Straid of Olaphis in the Lost Bastille. He’s petrified and can only be cured with a Fragrant Branch of Yore.

After that, vendors will have a spell every now and again you can pick up, but these are the three I can think of.

What about Pyromancy or Hexes?
Later down the road, you’ll stumble into both of these spell trees as options. Pyromancy and hexing do fire and dark damage, respectively, but you also have to put points into Faith to do so. By focusing on leveling intelligence, you’re saying, “I want one class of spells and I want them to hit like a Mack truck”.  Sure, there are a few creatures and fights which are vulnerable to fire or dark, but the vast majority of them will also take a Greater Soul Arrow to the knee just fine as well if you’re leveling Intelligence up. On top of that, Pyromancy spells take longer to cast, do not have as long of a range, and have fewer charges. They may do area-of-effect damage, but the name of the game is to get the hell of out of the way of attacks, and if you’re standing there winding up for a spell cast, you’re likely to get a giant axe in your face. Pretty easy choice, and it worked for me.

What were your final stats at the end of the game?
Find out our stat build as well as gear I used on the next page!

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  • KillerHurtz

    Actually It is better to go Sorc class if you are thinking about going pure Sorc as if you do the math, you end up with more points in the magic based stats at the end of the day than you would with the deprived class… Only by a point or 2 though.

    • KillerHurtz

      And then you get access to 60 soul arrow spells as well which is perhaps the biggest benefit to started as a sorc as makes getting through the early parts of game, pretty damn easy.

      • http://fronttowardsgamer.com/ Shanghai Six

        How do you “get access to 60 soul arrows”? I know you start with one set as a sorcerer, but as a deprived? Where do they sell you more until Forest of Fallen Giants?

      • KillerHurtz

        Deprived can only get 60 late on in game. Sorc starts with 30 and using those, its not exactly hard making it to the merchant that sells the second set. 60 SA plus 20 greater SA is more than enough to see you into mid game.
        The first time I really started having trouble and dying over and over was at the ruined sentinels (RAGE!!), but was plain easy sailing up until that point just spamming soul arrows..