front towards gamer radio, podcast, show, soulibon, quinn, sullivan, rhys, triscuitable, egner, aileronroll, brandon, parker, metal gear solid, mgs 5, mgs v, metal gear solid 5, metal gear solid V, ground zeroes, ground zeros, infamous, second son, playstation 4, xbox one, dark souls, bandai, namco, dark souls 2, sadism, gaming, titanfallShanghai Six bails on week’s show for a surprise business meeting, leaving Quinn to fend for himself. Quinn in turn taps Rhys “Triscuitable” Egner and Brandon “Aileronroll” Parker to step in for this week’s show, apparently to talk about Xbox One somehow. Because that’s the title of the episode our audio gal Eve came up with, ergo, Xbox One is discussed. Given the PC master race spokespeople Quinn and Rhys, I imagine that it’s not exactly in glowing terms.

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Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan (@Soulibon)
Rhys “Triscuitable” Egner (@Triscuitable)
Brandon “Aileronroll” Parker (@aileronrollgame)

Audio Editing: Eve “DingleDoDie” XXXXX (@dingledodie77)

Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Community Segment Music: “Fansong” by Dethklok
Outro Music: “Man with the Gun” by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

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