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Dragon Fin Soup Hands-On Preview — Pax East 2014

dragon fin soup, grimm bros, demo, pax

Developer Grimm Bros’ Dragon Fin Soup Kickstarter was a massive success, and for good reason: this game is combining rogue-like and RPG elements with Grimm fairy tales for great results. I sat down with the team to check it out this weekend, and my time was certainly not wasted.

Dragon Fin Soup is procedurally generated, meaning map layout is randomized, but certain elements must be present. Essentially, there are pre-programed quests, but the places where you’ll undertake them are randomly laid out. When I played the opening stages, the tavern hub was dropped pretty centrally, to my advantage. When a zombie attack happened moments later, their spawn points where completely random. With the game’s handy map and icons, I was able to discover and navigate, all the while slaying the undead to complete my quest.

I played as a shotgun-wielding, alcoholic bounty hunter based on Little Red Riding Hood, by the way. Robin, as she was called, was a straight-up badass. I beat up and blasted zombies every which way, all the while aided by my pet, the Big Bad Wolf. Dragon Fin Soup‘s take on olden tales is the definition of cool. With their stretch goal met for the Middle Eastern-based Morgana, I can only imagine what else they have planned.

dragon fin soup, grimm bros, demo, pax

Dragon Fin Soup also allows players to play in a classic or easy mode, with the latter allowing you to continue after death. Hey, it is a rouge-like, after all. We’ll get our chance to experience the action it has to offer when it makes its final release on Steam in the coming months.