Although we are not sure what Apple are planning on calling it, whether it will be the iPad 6? The Air 2? iPad Pro? Who knows? However, what we do know is that it will be revolutionary, no matter what the size, shape or colour is. We also know that the usual flocks of queues will be ever present, with punters desperate to get their hands on the new device.

Throughout the tech world, there have been plenty of rumours circulating involving the size of the iPad. Many are suggesting that the Californian brand is planning to release a device much bigger than the last time around with the iPad mini. Speculation has been high that the company could go towards this bigger model according to a Korean newspaper.

It’s believed that the new model will have a 12.9 inch display compared to the 9.8 inch the current flagship iPad Air and is even bigger than the MacBook Air released back in June 2013. And it isn’t just bigger they’re planning. They’re also going better.

At CES 2014, research firm DisplaySearch believed that the device could feature a UHD resolution display at an impressive 3840×2160, meaning if you play anything from online bingo to the likes of Real Racing gameplay will be even smoother, sharper, and faster.

There is no denying that mobile gaming is a huge part of every day life and devices such as smartphones and tablets are taking over consoles like the PlayStation Vita, also with over 100,000 games in the App Store, the corporation have had to ensure that the quality is up to scratch in order to provide the customer with the best possible package. However that will be no problem, with the device also improving on its new A7 processor found in the last Air model. What will come into question however is its portability.

A 12.9-inch display would more than likely require a frame of around 15 inches, larger than some MacBooks, throwing up the question how portable actually is it? And what’s more, is it going to replace the laptop?

Despite the fact that there is a gap in the market for a larger tablet, questions are being asked what the demand will be like. The benefit of mobile devices is that they are in deed mobile and you are able to fit them into coat or jacket pockets, however, come October with this new release from Apple, that won’t be the case.

Which is fine, but will it be able to overtake a laptop, particularly in the business world?

With Microsoft Office now available in the App Store, and gadgets such as keyboards, mice, and pretty much everything else available for iOS devices, it could do that. Whatever happens it’ll be hugely talked about come the end of the year, we’ll just have to wait for the sales figures.