tetropolis, nextgen pants, preview, pax

I’m just gonna throw this out there: Tetropolis is my game of show for PAX East 2014. This was the most inspired, crafty title I played, and it still stands out as I type this. You play as a tetrimino, a single right-angle Tetris piece escaping a factory where unused blocks go to burn.

Tetropolis falls into the “Metroid-vania” genre, but don’t let that stop you or make you call for over-saturation — this game is worth your time. You see, every aspect of the game revolves around Tetris and its properties. As you progress, you unlock different types of tetriminos, each with special abilities. The square can slam into enemies; the line piece has a spring jump for reaching far platforms. Combine this with traditional platforming and room exploration, and you’ve got yourself a unique experience.

Although, saying Tetropolis has “traditional” exploration is a misnomer. Picture a Metroid-vania map in your mind, but imagine the rooms are shaped like various Tetris blocks. Now imagine grabbing, spinning, and rearranging the rooms to completely change how you progress. With the controls room found in each stage in the game, that’ s exactly what you can do here. Can’t reach a door on a high platform? Flip the room over and drop to it instead. It’s about making your own way, and fitting the pieces together how you’d like.

tetropolis, nextgen pants, preview, pax

This, basically.

Tetropolis is planned for a release at a later time, with an aim towards Steam. We’ll definitely be there when the game hits, as this was one of the coolest things we got to see all weekend.