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GlomTom Prepares for Kickstarter (with a Contest!)

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Friend of the site Cliff Chambliss (a.k.a. @8BitBass) is aiming to change the way you game. Nepotism aside, his product is a genius idea. See, Cliff used to hold his sleeping children in his hands during late-night gaming sessions, but he knew there was a better way to do it. Then came the GlomTom.

So what is it? It’s a fabric-and-foam bolster that supports your arms while gaming, with a storage pocket for game controllers, smart phones, and tablets. It’s a comfortable way to rest your upper body after a long day of work. Console gamers, tablet users, and phone addicts will find comfort in the GlomTom’s support. The elevation of the arms allows for better blood flow, creating a more relaxing and stress-relieving session. As Cliff says, “gaming without it will simply not feel as good as you know it should.”

You can head to the GlomTom website and sign up for updates, including the upcoming Kickstarter launch. Signing up and spreading the word can even get you the product ahead of time: Cliff is giving away five GlomToms to the five people who get the word out the most.

glomtom, kickstarter