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The Blackwell Epiphany Preview — Pax East 2014

blackwell epiphany, ios, preview, PAX

I’m a fan of point-and-click games, especially those from Wadjet Eye Games. After playing through Gemini Rue, I was eager to check out The Blackwell Epiphany at PAX, so I sat down with Dave Gilbert, the same man who showed me Gemini Rue a year prior.

The Blackwell Epiphany‘s hook comes in its protagonists: the living investigator Rose, and her ghostly partner Joey. There is less emphasis on inventory management here, as most exploration and puzzle solving revolves around switching between Rose and Joey: she can interact with objects, but he can pass through them. Stuck behind a locked door? Send Joey through to find a solution on the other side. In the case of my demo, Joey ghosted into a house and found a password etched onto the wall. Rose then found a brick on the outside wall with the same text. A push, and we were inside the house.

blackwell epiphany, ios, preview, PAX

This is the conclusion of the Blackwell trilogy, and as Rose and Joey continue to help spirits move on, things are going to culminate in a massive supernatural climax. Other tools like Rose’s smartphone and a few key items will help move the action along. At the core, however, most puzzle solving is about switching between protagonists. We’ll know more and play more when The Blackwell Epiphany hits Steam and Good Ol’ Games soon, plus iOS and Android devices later.