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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Hands-On Preview — Pax East 2014

godfire: rise of prometheus, preview, PAX

I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down with Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. Now, I can give you the five-word pitch: God of War on iPad. That may sound good, but from hands-on time, I can tell you it needs a bit of work before it hits God of War levels of playability.

Being an action-adventure game on mobile devices, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus has control issues. Basic exploration is fine: you can use the on-screen joystick, or simply tap the spot you want to visit. It’s when combat arises that things get difficult. When in combat, you’re locked into dodging, blocking, and attacking heavily or lightly. This damper on movement gives the player a tight leash–I found it difficult to dodge where I wanted to, or even get close enough to attack the enemies at my heel. Battling the Minotaur boss at the end of my demo was cool in a Zelda-esque “learn the pattern first” sense, but these complaints stood during the boss fight too. Combat certainly needs some tweaking.

godfire: rise of prometheus, preview, PAX

Outside of this area, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is doing many things right. The developers stated they start with mythology, and expand from there; before I played, I was shown a boss battle with a large, cyborg spider woman. The game also sports microtransactions, allowing you to purchase new weapons and armor, should you choose not to level them up in-game. Each of the game’s seven chapters hides secrets too, so replaying them has something of an incentive.

Although Godfire: Rise of Prometheus has its issues with combat, there is definitely promise here. We’ll see what developer Vivid Games can do by the game’s release in Q2 2014.