Invisible Inc Feature

Invisible Inc. from Klei Entertainment is a unique game with a mixture of tactical espionage reminiscent of X-Com with a non-lethal progression system inspired by their previous hit title, Don’t Starve and a dash of FTL just for fun. A new game every time with procedurally generated maps, random enemies, and more. I had the chance to play a new build, different than the one on the show floor, where the changes further emphasized the stealth espionage and made information, not combat, the key to success.

Invisible Inc Image

My first impression I had while playing this updated early build (an Invisible Inc Alpha is available) was the inspiration of the turn-based tactical approach of X-Com. Gathering information on the environment, since each time is different, was key to avoiding the security of the company I was infiltrating. In my play-through I I found myself against the tech-driven corporation, one of three currently available with more planned before release, and found the more hacking oriented team suited my play-style better for this attempt. Interaction came naturally and the rules of the world were easy enough to ascertain with the help of the introduction room. On each of the three floors I really found myself attempting a one-hundred percent map completion as I avoided detection and hostilities in my search for valuable information credits. These credits were the currency to purchase in-game items as well as unlock next-game modifiers. Hacking safes and completing other information gathering also gave my crew experience which offered the choice between one of two randomly chosen attribute enhancements, making replayability different each time.

Invisible Inc Items

My overall impression of Invisible Inc: I’m going to lose days to this game! Everything about this game appeals to my speed-running, high score gathering, zero-detection, and tactical sides. Concentrating on one style each time would offer the best results, and each run is procedurally generated so you’ll never know what to expect beyond some minor standards. Once again, Klei has mashed multiple genres together to create a uniquely “Klei-style” Frankenstein and I can’t wait to dance “Puttin’ on the Ritz” (that’s a Young Frankenstein reference for you kids).

For more information on Invisible Inc check out our PAX East 2014 interview with Klei straight from the show-floor: