Alien Isolation

Complimentary creepy motion capture!

Alien: Isolation follows up continual coverage leading up to E3 with a new trailer focusing on the human touch of game development and some brief backstory. Running the same gauntlet of AAA development, Creative Assembly and Sega cast real actors and actresses to emulate their game appearances.  Art Lead, Jude Bond, says the  studio wanted the added level of quality to its storytelling by using real people.  “In order to tell the story, we needed our characters to be believable. So we took the descison to cast real people,” Bond said.

Gary Napper, designer at Creative Assembly, details the location has more to fight off than one unstoppable force of nature lurking in the shadows. “Sevastopol station is falling apart and the population is dwindling. This means a lot of people that are just trying to survive in any way they can,” Napper said.

 Alien: Isolation leaps on PC, Xbox (360 & One), PlayStation (3 & 4), on October 7th

Via Gameranx