Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s hack and thrash game of Watch Dogs draws the story curtain some more with a trailer. Showing off the group of characters Aiden Pierce will interact with, complimentary with dubstep and a gravely-voiced Aiden, check it out below!

  • Clara Lille, daytime Tattoo Artist and best hacker Aiden knows in the windy city.
  • “T-Bone” Grady, rube Welder turned excitable explosives expert.
  • Jordi Chin, mysterious sniper and jovial risk taker.
  • Anthony “Iraq” Wade, war veteran, applies military strategy to gang warfare.
  • Dermot “Lucky” Quinn, philanthropist running Chicago’s crime syndicate.

May 27th is the date Watch Dogs launches on PlayStation (3 & 4), Xbox (360 & One), and PC.

Via Gameranx