8-Bit Salute 2014 T-shirt design

Well, it’s the lead up to Operation Supply Drop’s 24-hour gaming marathon, the 8-Bit Salute. Shanghai ain’t got time for no games apart from the daily League of Legends match or two until he gets his “win of the day” bonus, but Quinn comes on to talk briefly about his time with Child of Light. On top of that, we also manage to pop virgin Scott “Nemes1sEn4cer” podcasting cherry! Oh, and SO MUCH NEWS this week. Next podcast that goes live? Front Towards Gamer and Operation Supply Drop’s world might be 100% different following the charity event. Stay tuned.

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Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@ShanghaiSix)
Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan (@Soulibon)
Scott “Nemes1sen4cer” Gable (@nemes1sen4cer)

Audio Editing: Eve “DingleDoDie” XXXXX (@dingledodie77)

Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Community Segment Music: “Fansong” by Dethklok
Outro Music: “Man with the Gun” by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

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