Just a couple of weeks ago, Activision announced a new game type for Call Of Duty: Ghosts but only for private matches. The Reinforce game type mixes Team Deathmatch, Domination and Search and Rescue into one fun mode. This isn’t available in matchmaking yet, but here are some tips and tricks to maximize your effectiveness in Reinforce.

The start of Reinforce is your typical Team Deathmatch, in which everyone on your team tries to kill everyone on the other team.  Once the first few players are eliminated, it turns into Domination, in which you have to control certain parts of the map. In this mode, once you capture an objective, your team is “reinforced”, respawning all of your fallen teammates (much like jailbreak on the playground). The game ends once all three objectives are captured, the enemy team is eliminated, or the 45 second timer ends. The timer starts once one team has two objectives, but if a team is capturing an objective, the timer pauses. The team that is capturing has to fully capture the objective, or the timer resumes.

At the beginning of the game, your goal is to get kills and to secure a place on the map that an objective can be captured easily. If you see that you are left with one or two teammates, go for the capture then. Once you capture an objective, it is then that you must be aggressive and go for those kills and captures. The faster you get on these kills and objectives, the more spread out the enemies are. On smaller maps, it is especially important to check your corners and alleyways, including objectives. Since you have one life in this game type, checking those corners could mean the difference between winning the game and spectating it.

The loadout you want for Reinforce should focus on rushing. Grab a gun that has a fast time to kill, as well as a quick reload speed (the Honey Badger fits this to a T). If sniping is your jam, quick-scoping is a necessity, as most players will be on assault rifles or in smaller maps, SMG’s. Use as many speed perks as you can fit, as you will want to go hard out of the gate and keep that momentum throughout the game. If you want to lock down an objective, use IEDs or an IMS. IEDs are somewhat effective, but only for objectives that are through alleyways. To maximize the kills, note where an objective is being taken and, if you are close enough and have it equipped, throw a semtex or frag on the objectives.

Although currently only available in private matches, Reinforce adds a unique game mode to Call of Duty: Ghosts that is both fun and strategic.