This is it, my final* post at Front Towards Gamer. When I started podcasting in February 2009, I really hadn’t thought about typing out my thoughts; I just liked talking. I was inspired by the now defunct Sarcastic Gamer Red Show and what will forever be the greatest podcast (in my opinion), the Video Game Show. I decided to take up the microphone and give it a try.

Cut to April 2o1o, and Stephen “ShanghaiSix” Machuga left Sarcastic Gamer to form his own website — this very one — the rebel camp. Stephen looked at my samples (which I had written for the purpose of sampling; they weren’t published anywhere), and brought me on. In the four years since then, I’ve been able to serve as FTG’s Weekend Editor, Senior Editor, Reviews Editor, and finally, Managing Editor. It’s thanks to Stephen that I stand where I am today.

I was lucky enough to freelance for a handful of websites, appear on different shows, and hang with industry veterans at conventions like PAX East. Again, all possible because of this website. It’s been an amazing ride, and it’s only just starting for me. As I leave my Maryland home for a “certain other website” in San Francisco, I want nothing more than to branch out while never forgetting my roots — roots that will forever be planted here. As I type this, I prepare to attend my younger brother’s high school graduation. In a way, this weekend is my own graduation too — a departure from this website in to the wonderful, wild, worldwide web.

With that, I leave you in the dextrous, hard-working, and capable hands of the current FTG staff: Stephen Machuga, Robert Beach, Dylan Tierney, Scott Gable, Rhys Egner, Sam Eskenazi, Kyle Hanson, Paul Neafsey, Morgan Park, Brandon Parker, Curtis Stone, Mike Scoggins, Lawrence Scotti, Alan Solomon, Lido Giovacchini, Quinn Sullivan, Gigi, and Eve. That’s a lot names, and everyone of them deserves your attention as the coolest gaming personalities on the planet.

– Tony Wilson, former Managing Editor

*My show, the Gametwerp Podcast, will continue to post here weekly. It needs a home, after all!