Sunset OVerdrive

Insomniac Games and Xbox showcase the eight-player co-op included in Sunset Overdrive with a new video giving the brief overview of the mode. “Chaos Squad” starts as your single-player characters enters a phone booth in story mode. With the initiation,  all your progress (amps, weapons, etc) and cosmetic choices carry over to multiplayer with ease to handle a select number of objective-based missions, voted on by the players. A wealth of daylight cooperation spins toward the night as tower/wave defense takes over for you and your cohorts.

Sunset Overdrive TV’s Brandon Winfrey, associate community manager at Insomniac Games, has more info on the aptly titled Chaos Squad in the video below.

“…vote on a variety of mission types to tackle in the open world and all this culminates into a massive night defense which is harder or easier depending on which missions you completed. If you win, you’ll earn some awesome rewards like cash special vanity items, and even weapons you can lug back with ya to the single-player game,” Winfrey said.

A coinciding press release elaborates further on Chaos Squad’s components in Joystiq’s news post.

Sunset Overdrive rides onto Xbox Ones on October 28th.

Via Joystiq